Adrafinil Review: The Nootropic For Super Focus

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Adrafinil is a nootropic classified under eugeroics – substances considered good arousers – that is used to boost mental energy and alertness and suppress sleep and fatigue. To this end, it is commonly used to boost mental energy, concentration, and memory and is formally used in some countries as a cure for sleep conditions such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy.


Here is a comprehensive adrafinil review:


History of Adrafinil

While it may seem quite new to the market, Adrafinil has been around since 1970 when it was developed by a pharmaceutical company in France. It was earlier known as Olmifon as was formally used in France to cure conditions such as narcolepsy and arousal disorders from as early as 1981.

However, the drug changes its name to Adrafinil in 2012, by which time its benefits had gained appreciation across Europe, Canada, and U.S.A. among other countries.


How does Adrafinil work?

Adrafinil is often taken as a substitute for modafinil, as it contributes to modafinil formation in the body and as such offers similar benefits. However, researchers do not have a definite explanation for just how the drug achieves its effects, but it is believed to be tied to the serotonin – responsible for the body’s sleep cycles and pleasure – and dopamine – responsible for the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

Adrafinil has also been shown to increase the body’s hitamine level – hence the boost in mental focus, concentration, and alertness.


Benefits of Adrafinil

As mentioned earlier, Adrafinil has been shown to effectively suppress and cure fatigue and sleep conditions such as sleep apnea. This comes with a vast range of other benefits such as alertness and efficacy at work, concentration on the road and increased self-esteem and confidence, just to mention a few.

However, its diverse properties bring many other benefits such as:

  • Improving cognitive function

Adrafinil has been shown to benefit the mind by boosting mental energy, focus, concentration, and even memory retention capabilities. This goes a long way in boosting the user’s cognitive function without the negative side effects of common stimulants since it stimulates adrenergic stimulants selectively.

  • Good moods

People using Adrafinil have also reported improved good moods that make them feel more open, peaceful, and social among other things. To this end, Adrafinil is also used to suppress and cure depression, which may be aggravated by the lack of sleep and general body fatigue.


Adrafinil side effects

Just like every other drug, Adrafinil also comes with some side effects. These include:

  • Liver damage

When Adrafinil reaches the liver, it is metabolized to modafinil, hence the similar effects of both drugs. However, many enzymes are formed during this process, which may cause damage to the liver if allowed to accumulate to disastrous levels. To this end, it is always recommended to complement Adrafinil with milk thistle, in addition to regulating your dosage, to give the liver time to eliminate the enzymes.

  • Increased blood pressure

While it is not common to note an increase in the blood pressure after taking Adrafinil, exceeding the recommended dosage may significantly raise the heart beat rate and with it the blood pressure. As such, it is important to stick to the recommended dosage – people suffering from hypertension and other heart related conditions should consult their doctors before taking Adrafinil.


Adrafinil dosage

The recommended daily Adrafinil dose is 300mg – 900mg. Experts recommend that you start at a low dosage of 300mg per day and increase gradually to allow your body time to adjust to the Adrafinil.

Additionally, it should only be taken in the morning – it may contribute to the lack of sleep when needed if taken in the afternoon or evening. People with underlying heart or liver conditions should consult their doctors before taking Adrafinil and should not use it for more than three times per week to avoid enzyme build-up in the liver.

As mentioned, taking Adrafinil in large dosages or continuously for a prolonged period may offset some of its side effects. As such, it is important to always stick to the recommended dosage.


Where to buy your Adrafinil – certified vendor

Adrafinil is very popular and widely available. However, it is always important to take caution when buying to ensure you purchase genuine and quality Adrafinil from a certified vendor.

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