Improve Your Memory & Focus With Oxiracetam

Photo by Charlotte90T

First published in studies in 1990, Oxiracetam is one of a few nootropic drugs derived from Pramiracetam. These drugs are cognitive function stimulating drugs that protect or increase mental performance and capacity. They work well with few side effects and low chance of overdosing or other negative effects as listed further down in this Oxiracetam review.

The main benefits of Oxiracetam are improvement of various metal facilities, mostly centered on the memory and related functions. Other benefits include:

– Improved Memory

– Greater Focus and Clarity

– Heightened Awareness

– Deeper Concentration

– Enhanced Sensory Perception

– Higher Learning Capabilities

– Acting As a Mild Stimulant

Oxiracetam has few side effects, the most common being mild headaches. These headaches can be offset with a small dose of choline. Other, less common Oxiracetam effects include: insomnia, anxiety and irritability. These side effects may be due to the stimulating properties of Oxiracetam, so it is perhaps best to avoid taking it too close to going to sleep. The half-life of Oxiracetam is about 8 hours in the bloodstream of the average person, so please take that into account for maximum effect. Thanks to these factors, Oxiracetam is often taken as a study aid, especially for either cramming for tests the night before or for the actual test itself.

Oxiracetam can be purchased in either powder or capsule form. Oxiracetam dosage varies from person to person. The average user of Oxiracetam can take anywhere from 200-800 mg two or three times a day for a total of 600-2400 mg per day. Studies have found no issue with long-term use of Oxiracetam at these levels. It is easily available online, although right now hasn’t received FDA approval so it is sold purely as a supplement. Anyone can buy Oxiracetam online at such sites as PeakNootropics or PowderCity starting at $30 a bottle. A bargain to boost your brain on demand.