NALT: The Super Nootropic You Probably Never Heard Of

Photo by ccarlstead

Have you ever heard of NALT? No, well that’s not surprising, that is unless you are into Nootropics and want to make your school learning more productive and your grades higher than ever before.

For example, what if you had something that gave you the following benefits:

– Improve mood

– Reduces environmental stress

– Enhances cognitive performance under stress (such as during final exams)

– Boosts cognitive performance when you have to stay up for hours at a time

– You get an improved sense of well being

– Your memory improves

– Reduction of high blood pressure, due to stress

– Boosts your senses to almost the level of a cat

– ADHD symptoms abate

Now you see some of what NALT (aka N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine) can do for you.


What is NALT and where did it come from?

Well, it is the precursor to the amino acid tyrosine and its effects on cognitive task performance were studied on a group of 21 cadets during a demanding military combat training course.  It also had positive effects on mood, blood pressure and the Norepinephrine metabolite MHPG was enhanced.

So, the bottom line is Uncle Sam thinks it can be used in the future to boost a soldier’s abilities and allow them to function better in stress environments.

This is becoming more of a necessity as the new Warfighter suite of technology products is going to require a new kind of soldier to operate it all and still survive on the battlefield of the future.

NALT is one of the more than 120 Nootropic drugs and supplements that are descendants of the early Piracetam experiments in the 60’s in Belgium. Since then and entire industry has built itself around Nootropic and it is being taken seriously by major drug companies as students, Wall Street Brokers, and businessmen are using these products to give them the edge in business and the markets.

If you saw the movie or read the book, “Limitless”, you see what many feel these aids to cognitive function are capable of. Just recently, another move “Lucy” came out with a similar theme.

The reality is that these supplements do exist and people are using them on a regular basis.

NALT is also used by Bodybuilders as well to help them get a better workout and maintain their focus while training.


How much NALT do I have to take to feel its effects?

That’s the beauty of this supplement, not only does it require small dosages and in the case of “NALT”, the L Tyrosine dosage is on the order of 100 to 500 MGs. Along with this, L Tyrosine side effects are almost nonexistent and it stacks(mixes well) with other Nootropics, such as Racetams.

This means you can create a custom cocktail of Nootropics to get exactly the effect you want for cognitive function, memory, study, and mood enhancement.

But, of course, you should always check with your doctor before embarking on any change in your medications, diet, and starting supplements, just to be on the safe side.


The wonderful thing is you can get NALT almost anywhere

Amazon has many different Nootropics available and NALT is one that they carry as well.

It can be bought in bulk at websites, such as Powder City also.

When you look at the pricing, you’ll find it is in line with many of the other Nootropic products for sale nowadays. 100 grams goes for $15.00 and considering what an “A” on your final exam is worth monetarily, you see it is cheap at the price.

So now, if you need to get an edge on the competition or you want to get ahead in school. You may wish to explore the world of Nootropics and here is a site that can help you get your feet wet.