Nootropics For Entrepreneurs



Nootropics are a group of energy boosting supplements that you can easily add to your day to increase your desire to have more energy and focus. Having enough motivation can be a distressing limitation that all entrepreneurs have to face from time to time. Putting out brain power throughout your day may be a tough part of having a constant flow of creativity as well as skills in selling your ideas and products. There are some exceptional new items that you can purchase to increase your cognitive ability and concentration.

Green tea


Green Tea
Green tea and green tea extracts are a wonderful supplement to your diet on a daily basis. It can increase your energy, mental focus and performance as well as slow the aging process and speed up your metabolism which is how people can help their bodies burn more calories, therefore lose unwanted weight. You can either drink the tea or if you choose, it does come in pill form that may be a nice convenience for your morning routine. The pills come in 500 mg doses.




Adrafinil is in the drug family of eugeroics, brain drugs or concentration drugs–which can be used to boost concentration as well as inhibit sleep and suppress fatigue. This is a great study supplement and has been used to treat narcolepsy and sleep apnea. There is some mystery as to how it works, although there are some ties to serotonin and dopamine. It can improve cognitive ability and improve moods. It comes in doses of 300 mg to 900 mg and is recommended to start at the low end and to take it in the morning as it can inhibit sleep and throw you off your cycle.



A well-hidden secret in the family of these brain drugs aka nootropics is NALT. Its benefits are plentiful and amazing including the increase of concentration, focus, cognitive functioning, increase in sensory perceptions and a feeling of well being. It can be taken in smaller doses and can also be used along with other concentration drugs. It can be taken in doses from 100 mg to 500 mg.





A nervous system stimulant,Phenylpiracetam, is a great supplement which is said to work faster and longer than some of the other nootropics. It can be beneficial in memory, cognition, mood and motivation. It is in the form of a drink and is suggested to start at 100 mg and to take it in cycles as your body may build up a tolerance for it.


Which ever nootropic you choose to help you get those super human powers going, be sure that you check in with a professional so that you don’t hurt yourself or mix medicine with supplements that may not work well together. There are side effects to everything so listen to all of the information that is available before making your final decisions. Powdercity and Peak Nootropics carry all of these supplements and can assist you in your choices.