Nootropics For Stock Traders



In the high-stress high-pressure world of trading stocks, keeping one’s brain healthy becomes a vital priority. One has to think fast and retain important information through the cacophony of the battlefield, just to avoid being eaten. Below is a list of supplements that may just be that competitive edge.


Modafinil – Modafinil was developed in order to help sleep deprived people maintain their ability to focus throughout the day. Many have found, though, that it helps improve overall performance for anyone. Modafinil is well known for these effects: alertness; less fatigue (particularly the mid-day crash); enhanced mood; focus (especially during tedious tasks); staying goal-oriented; tedious tasks become less strenuous (complex technical analysis).

200 mg once per day (morning) is the most common dosage.


Bacopa Monnieri – Researchers are doing more studies on this age-old plant because all of the initial data has come back with very positive results. This plant has been used for brain health for thousands of years. Just a small number of its healing effects are: improved higher order cognitive function; ‘working memory’ accuracy; information retention; memory free recall; many cognitive benefits for the aging; and a host of other cognitive and physical benefits.

Positive effects are noted at 300 mg daily, sometimes split into morning and evening doses.


Acetyl L-Carnitine – Also known as ALCAR, this synthetic supplement mimics L-Carnitine which is naturally produced by the kidneys. It was developed to easily be absorbed by the blood and to pass through the blood brain barrier, thus allowing it to concentrate where it is needed most. Here are a few of the most desirable effects of ALCAR: decreases fatigue; increases alertness; increases mitochondrial energy production; boosts focus; increases anti-oxidant activity; has benefits for the aging (neuroprotection).

There are a variety of dosing strategies employed both by doctors and OTC users, ranging from 200 mg to 2000 mg daily.


Anyone out there who has to think on their feet under intense competitive working conditions could use a boost. These nootropics could be the key to unlock life-long success.