Pramiracetam Review: The History, Benefits, & Side Effects

Photo by Miguelángel Guédez

Pramiracetam is a step in the direction of helping those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, or any other memory loss. The drug is being tested to enhance cognitive abilities and stimulate the central nervous system. It is a synthetic racetam and nootropic agent that is gaining popularity for the benefits it can potentially provide for the brain.


Parke-Davis created and developed Pramiracetam in the late 1970’s. Patents started to appear for the powerful drug in 1978. The drug continues to be a subject for studies and research.


The goal of Pramiracetam is to improve brain power. It’s said to make learning easier, increase focus, improve memory, and clear auditory and visual perception. Pramiracetam acts on neurotransmitters in the brain to allow you to recall and understand information faster and more efficiently. Pramiracetam has long-term benefits that can change the way your brain works for the better. With clear thoughts and more blood flow to the brain, you’ll notice a significant increase in cognitive ability. You’ll be able to remember a detail from a conversation or the name to a song much more readily.

Side Effects

Since Pramiracetam is a non-toxic drug, the probability that side effects will occur is slim. The main side effect of Pramiracetam is headaches because the brain requires more acetylcholine. This is an easy fix. Just pair your Pramiracetam with Choline supplements to reduce the effects of this deficiency. Those who take the drug have also reported anxiety, fatigue, GI tract distress and nervousness. Another concern with Pramiracetum and nootropics in general is the lack of safety data collected in regards to them.


Since Pramiracetam is such a powerful form of concentration drug, it is best to start with a somewhat low dosage. Start with about 150 mg per day. Depending on your needs, you may work up to higher dosages, such as 300 mg a couple of times a day. It might be wise to to take Pramiracetam with meals.

Where To Buy and Pricing

Pramiracetam can be ordered online at Absorb Health. The reasonable pricing of Pramiracetam is another aspect that makes it a good choice for cognitive enhancement and boosting brainpower.