Review Of The Nootropic Aniracetam

Photo by TZA

As the new age of medicine is certainly in full swing, more testing and more discovery is being done to find things that will better enhance the brain. This being a tricky subject for sure as doctors and scientists obviously cannot just cut open the head of a live human being and see exactly what is going on, nor would it be acceptable to test out the unknown on the human race.

Aniracetam, is an up and coming brain enhancing drug that is on the market, but still going through its fair share of animal testing to see just what all it can impact. Aniracetam acts as, in short, a stimulant for AMPA receptors, while decreasing desensitization. Sometimes through time these receptors can become desensitized to their duties in the brain and grow lazy. Aniracetam, works as the fire starter for these receptors, and gets them back on track.  Developed by the same company that was responsible for releasing synthetic vitamin c into the world, aniracetam, comes from a highly reputable name. This company from Belgium, named Hoffman-La Roche, started developing it in the 1970’s and finally, in 1979, started releasing it.

Aniracetam can be bought from various online vendors, but the best aniracetam deal will most likely be found at Peak Nootropics. Online at Peak Nootropics, 50 grams can be bought for $17.99, and 100 grams for $29.99.  This medicine is best consumed in a capsule as the powder can have a very bitter taste to it. It is best to consume with fatty acid, and to avoid fat blockers while taking aniracetam. It is also noted to enhance the positive side effects when take with choline. 400mg has shown to have effects; however, usually 1,000-1,500mg is taken over a 24 hour time frame, divided in two, for example, 500mg for the first dose and 750mg for the second.

Aniracetam can, of course, help with thinking, as its main purpose is to give our brain receptors a boost. We can also take aniracetam for anxiety and stress as well. It helps hold on to memories and makes the learning process easier. It can also boost our mood, help us focus, and keep us motivated. On the flip side, aniracetam side effects have included: insomnia, headaches, pain, diarrhea, nausea, vertigo, and despite its purpose, anxiety.  Aniracetam seems to truly have some outstanding effects to the cognitive function. The negative side effects, of course, are not fun, but do appear to be merely physical and non-life threatening. One thing to always keep in mind, as this aniracetam review comes to a close, is this drug is one that is still being tested out. There is still a lot that is unknown and a lot to be determined.