Review of The Nootropic “Coluracetam”


Coluracetam is a new supplement that is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its ability of enhancing the mood of an individual and tackling issues such as anxiety and depression. The supplement can be used to enhance cognitive behavior and is generating a lot of interest within the medical community. In this article we will carry out a coluracetam review.


Coluracetam originated as a compound, which was derived from Piracetam. It was originally developed in Japan and was registered as a benefiting substance in the year of 2005. since then, it has developed into a popular treatment and is now becoming more and more popular for a wide range of reasons.


Trials were carried out in 2010 and indicated that it was a promising supplement that could act as a form of treatment for many major disorders, such as depression. It also has the ability of tackling anxiety and has the ability of improving the memory of individuals who have impaired issues with their long-term memory.


Coluracetam side effects can cause minor headaches at times. However, these headaches can be easily counteracted by other supplements, such as alpha GPC.

Average consumption amount

Although it is not yet known of a typical consumption amount for the supplement, there are different amounts, which have become popular in treating individuals. It is generally thought that 200 mg a day is a beneficial amount. However, for those suffering with depression, doses of 100 mg three times a day can have a benefit.

Where it can be bought

You can buy coluracetam in the USA easily at Powder City and the website offers a selection of different dosage amounts. There are also reviews on the product, as well as information concerning its benefits and usage.


The supplement can be bought in a range of sizes from 1/4 gram which is $9.57, 1/2 gram which is $14.25, 1 gram at $19.49 and 5 grams at $69.99. The larger the quantity, the more you save.