The Benefits of CRL-40,941, a.k.a. Fluorafinil and Fluoromodafinil

CRL-40,941 (more popularly known by the names fladrafinil or fluorafinil) is a synthetic nootropic and concentration drug which is chemically similar to adrafinil and modafinil. In essence it is the same substance as adrafinil or modafinil with a fluoride molecule added to its structure to substantially increase its potency and bodily bioavailability, and for that reason is also often referred to as fluoromodafinil or fluorafinil.

Functioning as a eugeroic or”wakefulness promoting chemical”and producing effects similar to those of the modafinil experience, it increases the activity of certain neurotransmitters in the brain (including dopamine and histamine) and is thought to be a safer, healthier and non-addictive alternative to stimulants like amphetamines. Some of CRL-40,941’s potential benefits are improved memory and cognitive function, greater motivation and a more alert consciousness in general, and as a result it has been indicated as a possible treatment for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, insomnia and depression.

The most common dose is around 30 to 100 mg per day, with 200 mg being the absolute maximum in a 24-hour period. While negative side effects from CRL-40,941 at normal dosages are relatively rare, the most common symptoms are similar to modafinil and other nootropic stimulants and include headache, overstimulation, confusion, aggression, vasoconstriction and stomach discomfort.
CRL-40,941 is available as an experimental research chemical at a number of high quality online chemical suppliers such as TPR Power, Noonauts, RC Planet, and  NutriAvenue and in the US. Other nootropics similar to CRL-40,941 can be found at PowderCity.

Like many research chemicals, the price of CRL-40,941 at these suppliers ranges widely and is dependent on how much is ordered at a time, with wholesale purchases yielding the cheapest prices per gram. Smaller retail amounts average 15 to 30 dollars per gram of crystalline powder, while wholesale prices (usually 500 grams or more) can range anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars per gram.